Miley: I need to be babied

Miley Cyrus is regretting all the times she wanted to "grow up".

Miley Cyrus wishes someone would “baby” her.

The 21-year-old is currently going through a tough time as she battles stomach flu.

Despite desperately trying to shake off her good-girl Disney image over the past few years, there are times the star would love someone to look after her.

“Regretting all the times I wanted to be grown up as a kid #someonebabyme (sic),” she admitted on Twitter.

Miley has been criticised for her raunchy antics in the past, which have included a naked video for her Wrecking Ball single and twerking provocatively on stage.

It seems the singer is fed up with the way she is portrayed in the media.

“people talk so much sh*t about people who do the exact same sh*t they do. #hypocritesruleeverythingaroundme #sickandtired (sic),” she ranted in a tweet.

The star went on to post that “everything hurts”.

She’s had a busy schedule recently and is currently preparing for her Bangerz World Tour.

When she’s back on her feet, she could have a new project on her hands in the form of young singer Elyar Fox.

“I would love to work with Miley Cyrus. I’d love to have a record with Miley Cyrus, it’d be sick! And I know Miley Cyrus will be reading this so, you know, get in touch Miley!” he recently gushed.

It could be the thought of her upcoming tour that has made Miley ill.

“I’m ready to be on tour already. I wish I could skip past all the tours and all the rehearsals and all that and how many meltdowns ’cause I get very anxious,” she told MTV News previously.

“It keeps getting better and obviously I’m excited about my tour. I get nervous that I’m gonna get there and no one’s going to show up, but hopefully some people show up.”

Miley’s tour starts in Canada on February 14.
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Monday, 20. January 2014