Meet the 'Are You The One' contestants!

  • Chris Scali | Chris dreams of becoming a firefighter and is looking for a smoking hot, intelligent, perfect girl.

  • Wesley Buckles | Wes has never had trouble grabbing a woman's attention, but he wants to find the special one.

  • Shanley McIntee | Shanley's free-spirited attitude has often meant that she moves too fast. She hopes that she can slow down long enough to have a real relationship.

  • Chris Tolleson | Chris is motivated, ambitious, and likes to be challenged in every aspect of his life. Catching a girl is not his problem; it's what to do in the aftermath that he hasn't quite mastered.

  • Paige Brendel | Nobody is perfect, but Paige thinks she's pretty close, and this serial monogamist's biggest obstacle seems to be her choices in men.

  • John Jacobs | Comedy has been John's primary means of defence, but now he will have to learn to take a break from his stand-up comedian lifestyle and stop dating bad girls and snag a quality woman…

  • Jacy Rodriguez | Jacy is a fighter with a fiery personality. But she knows that her explosive personality can be too much for any guy to handle. She hopes to find a guy who is willing to fight for her.

  • Ethan Diamond | After breaking his both legs, Ethan was told he would never be able to walk again. One year later, Ethan is walking on his own two feet. Having beaten the odds once, he hopes to beat the odds again and find his one true love.

  • Amber Lee | Amber is intelligent and hot. But this Taiwanese girl with real southern spunk seems to be attracting all the wrong attention. But that doesn't mean that she's given up on finding a love as big as her home state.

  • Jessica Perez | She had always wanted to save herself for marriage but gave into temptation. But now she's willing to put her physical desires aside to find the guy that is truly worth waiting for.

  • Adam Kuhn | Adam has a reputation for being a man-whore in his small hometown in Virginia, and it's a reputation he admits he deserves, but he doesn't think it makes him a bad guy.

  • Andrean "Dre" McCoy | Dre comes across as a party guy. But beneath that confident exterior is a heart of gold. He wants a good girl who is kind and understanding, but also able to be his equal in social situations.

  • Dillan Ostrom | A born-again Christian, Dillan has vowed to abstain from sex until marriage. Dillan needs a girl who can be as outgoing and goofy as him, and respect his traditional religious and familial beliefs.

  • Coleysia Chestnut | Coleysia is a preacher's daughter who is more sinner than saint. After graduate school, Coleysia dreams of working for NASA.

  • Joey Dillon | Joey's friendly and upbeat spirit usually guarantees him great success in anything he does. However, his success in all 4 of his businesses does not translate to success in meaningful relationships.

  • Ashleigh Feaster | It must be true that opposites attract. Otherwise how do you explain why gorgeous Ashleigh seems to only find herself attracted to low-lives? Ashleigh knows that she has to stop wasting her time with fixer-uppers who aren't worth fixing up.

  • Kayla Lusby | Kayla loves sports and dreams of working as a sports reporter. Now she hopes to catch the eye of that special someone who will treat her like the Southern Belle she is.

  • Ryan Malaty | His charisma and sweet demeanour are magnetic to every woman who comes into the restaurant where he works. Now he needs to come back down to earth to find the real girl who is right for him.

  • Simone Kelly | Simone is beautiful, educated, and self-made. She has high taste and high expectations, now she just needs a man who can be as loyal to her as a person as they are to her financial well-being.

  • Brittany Baldassari | Having wasted years dating a douchebag, Brittany has no intention of ever settling for anything less than perfection. Unfortunately, that means she has absolutely no patience for anyone who doesn't measure up...

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    Here are the 20 singles who all are looking for THE one...

    In our new show Are You The One, 10 single women and men are spending a month together trying to figure out who is their soul mate, and if they do they all win one million dollars. The experiment starts this Sunday on MTV, but you can already meet the hungry singles above! Can you tell who’s right for who?

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