Shia ‘headbutts pub patron’

Shia LaBeouf was allegedly captured on video headbutting a man at a South London pub.

Shia LaBeouf has allegedly headbutted a man in a pub.

The 27-year-old Lawless star was captured in footage obtained by TMZ assaulting a man at the Hobgoblin drinking establishment in South London.

The video sees a man who looks like Shia thrusting his head against a seated male patron’s skull while two women who appear to be part of the actor’s party are heard screaming, “Shia!”

The assailant seems to be enraged by something the man may have said about his lover.

“What are you saying about my girl’s mom? Are you f**king kidding me, bro?” Shia is filmed saying in the video.

Neither Shia or his representatives have yet to comment on the footage.

This is the second bar brawl he has been in at Hobgoblin, as he was also involved in a fight at the venue in 2012.

In 2011 on the sidewalk in front of a Vancouver, Canada bar, an angry man punched Shia in the head after they were both ejected from the tavern by security.

The star has come under fire since seemingly plagiarising graphic novelist Daniel Clowe’s comic Justin M. Damiano with his short film

And he took to Twitter shortly after the controversy to announce he was retiring.

“In light of the recent attacks against my artistic integrity, I am retiring from all public life,” he wrote on Twitter last week.

“My love goes out to those who have supported me.

“#stopcreating (sic).”

Days later, after slamming comedic actor Jim Carrey on the micro-blogging site, Shia made it clear to fans he should no longer be of interest to them.

“I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE” he tweeted on Monday.
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Friday, 17. January 2014