Zooey: Prince is mortal

Zooey Deschanel is blown away by superstar musician Prince’s “funny and normal” demeanour.

Zooey Deschanel is shocked that Prince is “a normal person”.

The legendary musician is a special guest on a forthcoming episode of her hit TV show New Girl.

And when he first arrived on set, Zooey expected him to float in like a supernatural god.

“I sort of half expected him to appear out of thin air or propel himself from the sky,” she told America’s OK! magazine reporters at FOX’s Winter Press Tour presentation on Monday.

“But, no, he walked in like a normal person.”

Zooey is also impressed by the 55-year-old superstar’s superior acting ability.

She didn’t expect him to have such good on-screen technique.

“He’s funny and he’s good,” the actress noted. “He was a great, subtle actor.”

Zooey is ultimately elated with how his special guest appearance turned out.

She reveals that producers didn’t have to do much to get him to star on the programme.

“He says it’s his favourite show,” Zooey gushed.

“He started emailing us last year saying he wanted to be on the show. It seemed too good to be true. And then right before he came to our set he was talking to the show runners and figuring out the episode. I talked to him before he came and he was like, ‘New Girl is my favourite show. I watch it every week. I watch that and the news.’ I was so excited. His band, they all watch it, I guess. I think we just got really lucky.”

Prince will appear on the Super Bowl Sunday episode of New Girl, which airs in the US on February 2.
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Tuesday, 14. January 2014