Dempsey's marriage tips

Patrick Dempsey thinks owning up to your mistakes is vital in a happy marriage.

Patrick Dempsey says the secret to a strong marriage is “individuality and communication”.

The Grey’s Anatomy star has three children with his wife Jillian Fink, who he’s been married to since 1999.

He admits it takes work to keep the relationship going and has given some tips on how to be there for each other.

“You have to own up to your mistakes. It’s the only way,” he told British magazine Women’s Health.

“The secret is definitely a combination of individuality and communication.”

As they have young kids, Patrick and his wife don’t get a lot of alone time. If they do manage to fit a date night in, they usually go for a quiet meal somewhere so they can catch up on each other’s news.

Being there for each other is the key to the couple’s happy union. That, and having a deep understanding of what the other wants from life.

“My wife got me a car and it blew me away. She knew I love antique cars. It was a pretty special gift,” he recalled.

Patrick realises not everyone has things so peachy though and believes men sometimes get a tough time of things due to unfair stereotypes.

“I think they sometimes underestimate our sensitivity. We can listen. We can be sensitive. It’s really nice to be complimented and appreciated. It goes both ways,” he insisted.
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Sunday, 12. January 2014