Holmes linked to Streep's son

Katie Holmes is rumored to be texting Meryl Streep's son Henry.

Katie Holmes has reportedly been texting Meryl Streep’s son.

The two actresses have been working together on new movie The Giver in South Africa and Meryl is rumoured to have play matchmaker.

According to sources, Meryl thinks her son, 34-year-old singer Henry, is an ideal match for Katie.

“Katie and Meryl got on like a house on fire. Katie was quote open about wanting to have a new man in her life again and Meryl decided to show her a picture of Henry.

“They’re slowly getting to know each other. They’ve texted on quote a few occasions and it won’t be long before a proper date is set up,” a source revealed to Britain’s Grazia magazine.

Since her marriage to Tom Cruise ended in 2012, 35-year-old Katie has been linked to several famous men but nothing has lasted.

She was recently rumoured to be dating another co-star from The Giver, Alexander Skarsgård, but it seems Meryl is keen for Katie and Los Angeles based Henry to push forward.

“Meryl knew they’d have a lot in common. It would be perfect for Meryl too as she’d love for Henry to spend more time in New York [where Katie also lives].

“Katie is taking things one day at a time. But she’s’ excited about what 2014 could bring and there is undeniably a connection between her and Henry,” the source added.
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Sunday, 12. January 2014