Ke$ha has ‘no issue with alcohol’

Ke$ha “did not go to rehab for an alcohol addiction”, her mother insists.

Ke$ha is seeking treatment for nothing other than an eating disorder, her mother insists.

The singer was admitted to rehab on January 3 after releasing a statement explaining why she was doing so.

And Ke$ha’s mom Pebe Sebert says rumours her daughter needs help for an alcohol addiction are completely untrue.

“That’s a total lie,” Pebe told Celebuzz. “The place she’s at is an eating disorder centre. When they say ‘people close to her’ I will tell you I travel with her everywhere, her little brother, her assistant, makeup artist, talk to anyone."

Pebe goes on to explain while alcohol is not allowed at the treatment facility, it is part of many things banned.

The singer/songwriter also reveals that Ke$ha does drink, but there’s nothing dangerous or unusual in it.

“They do stress sobriety at the [rehabilitation] place,” Pebe said. “Nothing is allowed in there. You can’t even have a razor. And they don’t want you to drink afterward because they’re afraid you’re going to get drunk, eat a pizza and throw up. But it’s not a place you go for drugs and alcohol. She might be crazy and she might get shit-faced drunk, but everyone does. She might have a few drinks here and there. But she doesn’t have a drinking problem.”

Ke$ha has previously defended her lifestyle, saying she is held to a double standard a man wouldn’t deal with.

The pop star insists she is no different from anyone else.

“If men can talk about drinking in every awesome rock’n’roll song and every awesome rap song, why can’t a woman?” she told the Financial Times previously. “Just because I drink doesn’t mean I’m a drunk. Just because I have sex, and I’m not embarrassed about it, doesn’t mean I’m a whore. If men can do it, why can’t a woman do it?”
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Thursday, 09. January 2014