Irvine's strict tuna diet

Jeremy Irvine went on the "no-more-than-one-can-of-tuna-a-day diet" for his latest role.

Jeremy Irvine had “really mad dreams” while dieting for The Railway Man.

The actor portrays World War II soldier Eric Lomax in the release and had to lose a substantial amount of weight for the role. He wasn’t prepared for the huge effect the eating plan would have on him.

“It’s called the no-more-than-one-can-of-tuna-a-day diet. I lost almost 28lbs. You’re so hungry the whole time you lose your mind a bit. I had no energy and kept having really mad dreams, which alarmed my parents slightly,” he told British magazine InStyle. “We had a dietician on set to keep an eye on me. For someone of my generation, it’s impossible to relate to what prisoners of war went through. I owed it to Eric to make it look as realistic as possible.”

Colin Firth plays the older Eric in the movie and he and Jeremy worked together to ensure the switch between the characters in different time periods was seamless.

Jeremy worked with Colin at the esteemed actor’s home, which he couldn’t get his head around to begin with. He was just as amazed when he arrived on set of his 2012 release Great Expectations and saw Helena Bonham Carter preparing to go in front of the camera.

“I remember turning up to rehearsals… on the first day and Helena was there with pages of notes and ideas for her character, Miss Havisham,” he recalled. “I thought, ‘Wow, these people aren’t good by chance; they’re good because they put the work in.’”
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Sunday, 05. January 2014