Justin and Jen act ‘silly’

Justin Theroux is said to go out of his way to make Jennifer Aniston giggle.

Justin Theroux reportedly acts “silly” to make Jennifer Aniston laugh.

The couple are engaged to be married after meeting on the set of their movie Wanderlust.

After having turbulent break-ups in the past, including her divorce from Brad Pitt, Jennifer is now said to be thrilled to have found her ideal man in Justin.

“Jen’s found a man who adores her. Justin’s forever telling her how beautiful she looks. He smiles when she walks into the room. He’s not afraid to look silly to make her laugh, either – they laugh all the time. Why do you think they’re friends with people like Jimmy Kimmel,” a source told British magazine Look.

“Justin’s very silly, always jumping out from behind a curtain or something like that. He’s romantic, too. Even though Jen has a florist who helps keep her house looking fresh, he’ll still turn up with a bouquet he’s chosen for her.”

There have been rumours couple suggesting the couple are drifting apart as they work in different locations.

However, a close friend of the pair insists they are happier than ever and they view the stories written about them as entertaining.

“When we see headlines about Jen and Justin splitting up, we laugh our heads off. They’re apart right now, but that’s how it’s always been,” the source added.

“They’re actors, they’re used to it. They Skype and Justin texts 20 times a day, ending his messages and calls with ‘I love you’.”
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Sunday, 05. January 2014