Allison Williams terrified of social media

Allison is too scared to try out websites like Twitter.

Allison Williams avoids social media as she finds it “scarily permanent.”

The Girls actress has no interest in sharing her personal life on sites such as Twitter and Facebook for fear that she could post something while in a bad mood which she’d later regret.

The 26-year-old actress is one of the hottest names in TV right now thanks to her role as Marnie in award winning show Girls, which follows the lives of four twenty-something women living in New York.

“It just feels so crazily permanent. You might be in a mood and tweet something out to all these strangers and then it’s there forever. Even if you take it down it never goes away,” Allison told Britain’s InStyle magazine about why she avoids sites like Twitter.

Allison is no stranger to the spotlight, and grew up with parents who worked in the industry.

Her father Bill Williams is a news anchor on NBC Nightly News, and her mother Jane Gillan Stoddard is a TV producer. As a youngster Allison would often visit her parents on set or accompany them to film premieres.

“But there was always a reminder that this isn’t normal life. This is fun make-believe life, these people all go home and have taxes and sh*t going on; it was always a special treat,” she revealed.

Her parents encouraged Allison to go into acting, but had some conditions that she had to abide by.

“They were like, ‘OK, we’re on board… You gotta go to college first but we’re on board,’” she recalled.

Allison is now coming to terms with her own fame, and feels more at ease when attending awards ceremonies.

Girls has amassed a fair few wins since its 2012 debut, and the show now has two Golden Globes, an Emmy and a BAFTA under its belt.

“I got so nervous at the 2012 Emmys mainly because I didn’t know what to expect, but this year I knew people, I knew the drill and I wasn’t scared,” Allison confessed.
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Sunday, 05. January 2014