James Marsden: I work for romance

James Marsden thinks it's in his "DNA" to try hard with women.

James Marsden knows what it’s like to compete for girls.

The actor has scored parts in romantic comedies such as Enchanted and 27 Dresses.

Often he’s the guy who doesn’t get the girl, which is a feeling he’s not completely unfamiliar with.

“I can relate to feeling like the guy who is always vying for the girl’s attention and not the clear choice,” he admitted to British ELLE magazine.

“But I don’t say that in a pity party way. In my teens, I was the guy who was getting attention from the girls because he could make them laugh. But as far as being good looking and good at sports, I was not him. So I think it’s in my DNA to feel like I have to work harder for women’s attention.”

James married Mary Linde in 2000, but she filed for divorce in 2011.

The 40-year-old is currently single, but revealed a woman who “hangs” with him in the pub would woo him.

On a rare day off, that’s where anyone would find him.

“I go to my local pub and sit and drink with my friends for eight hours,” he grinned.

“I feel like that’s the English in me. Is that a fair comparison? I’m just assuming that’s what you all do…”

James’ latest project is the second instalment in the Anchorman franchise, where he stars opposite Will Ferrell.

Despite appearing in the hilarious comedy, the star isn’t convinced he’s that good at jokes.

“I can be funny, but I wouldn’t call myself a ‘funny guy’,” he mused.
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Sunday, 29. December 2013