Kevin Jonas: Baby bond weird

Kevin Jonas believes parenthood has made his marriage to wife Danielle stronger.

Kevin Jonas thinks parenthood brought him “closer together” with his wife.

The 26-year-old singer and his spouse Danielle are currently expecting their first child together.

Kevin is amazed by how becoming a father has altered his marriage.

“It’s brought us closer together,” he told America’s OK! magazine about having a baby girl.

“It’s weird; she’s coming soon! We’re setting up the nursery, and we’re about to move [to a new house]. There’s a lot going on.”

Kevin is the eldest of four children and he is big brother to his former Jonas Brothers bandmates Joe, 24, and Nick, 21.

The star is happy he’ll be having a daughter, as he welcomes more female energy in the family.

“I’ve been around boys a lot in my life, so it’ll be nice having a girl,” he gushed.

“She’ll actually be the first Jonas girl, by blood, in a long time.”

Kevin doesn’t think he and Danielle will necessarily be strict parents.

But he knows the loving couple are more than likely going to set up solid foundations for their child.

“Traditions are always nice to have in a family, but we’ll probably end up making our own ‒ and keeping some of our parents’ traditions too,” he explained.

Danielle is expected to give birth to her and Kevin’s daughter just after the New Year.
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Friday, 27. December 2013