Malik’s ‘wedding singer Journey’

Zayn Malik is reportedly doing everything in his power to get the lead singer of Journey to play at his nuptial ceremony.

Zayn Malik wants Journey at his wedding.

The 20-year-old One Direction singer became engaged to Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards in August.

And since Perrie loves the American rock band’s 1981 tune Don’t Stop Believin’ so much, she has reportedly requested Zayn make sure they play at their nuptial ceremony.

“Zayn is hopeful Journey will be there in some guise,” a source told British newspaper The Sun.

It is claimed booking Journey won’t be as simple as it seems, because the original lead singer Steve Perry hasn’t played with the band in 17 years.

Although guitarist Neal Schon is willing to perform at the wedding, it is unknown whether Steve will turn up.

“Neal has made it clear through his channels he is up for it. He has his touring band who can play,” the insider revealed.

“But he knows Steve was the voice of that hit record [Don’t Stop Believin’], and no one on earth really sounds like him.

“If Steve and Neal were to reunite, it would be a massive affair and payday.

“It’s a feat but Zayn’s reach across the music industry is huge.”

It’s been claimed that due to their busy schedules, Zayn and Perrie may not be able to tie the knot until 2015.

The delay is supposedly disturbing Perrie, as she wants to get wedding planning underway pronto.

“Zayn can’t set a date at the moment. In fairness, he has no choice as he’s too busy next summer and has to see what the band’s schedule is for 2015 – but he won’t know that until August 2014. So it means Perrie can’t even begin to plan things,” an insider told British magazine Heat recently.

“Zayn’s promised to move mountains to get the ceremony on for 2015 but Perrie worries it could be one of those ‘showbiz engagements’ that never goes the distance.”
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Friday, 27. December 2013