Rossum’s ‘wardrobe drama’

Emmy Rossum finds packing for the holidays stressful.

Emmy Rossum is “tearing the closet apart” trying to pack for the holidays.

The Shameless actress was preparing to go away for Christmas when she hit a packing wall.

She shared her frustration on the clothing dilemma with her 344,033 followers on Twitter.

“Tearing the closet apart stressed about what to pack for NYE. I even went DEEP into the closet, like circa 2005 Phantom-press-tour-deep,” she wrote.

Emmy, who has also starred in The Phantom of the Opera and The Day After Tomorrow, is setting off for her holiday trip on Christmas Eve.

The actress has a lot to be thankful for this year after recently revealing how she rescued a hit-and-run victim.

“Last weekend, I was pulling out of my house, and I saw a body in the road and blood everywhere. This guy had been hit by a car,” she recounted in an interview with Esquire magazine.

“I called 911 and stayed with him. You see how lucky you are to be alive…”

While the Beautiful Creatures star will be enjoying her festive break, it isn’t expected to be anything too wild.

That’s because the actress has spoken in the past about how different she is from the alcohol swigging character’s that feature in Shameless.

“[My mum is] very old-fashioned about ethics and drugs and alcohol. Weirdly she is very progressive about boys. She never had a thing with me going out on dates, even at 15 or 16… I would say there was a lot of openness in the house – but no drugs, no alcohol,” she explained to UK magazine Company.

“To this day, I’ve never done a hard drug. I’ve never done cocaine, I’ve never done heroin, I’ve never done Ecstasy, which is literally everywhere. It just was never interesting to me. The feeling of being out of control or doing anything that could potentially harm me was just not my cup of tea. I would literally rather run down the street naked and I’ve done almost that.”
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Monday, 23. December 2013