Mariah Carey ‘alone’ during pregnancy

Mariah Carey spent much of her pregnancy alone, as husband Nick Cannon was busy working.

Mariah Carey says she was alone for most of the time she was pregnant.

The superstar diva gave birth to twins Moroccan and Monroe in 2011 with husband Nick Cannon, but confesses that the pregnancy was not an easy one.

Although she shares a close relationship with America’s Got Talent host Nick, 43-year-old Mariah was left alone a lot of the time while pregnant, due to Nick’s busy work schedule

“I had preeclampsia; I had gestational diabetes, a really difficult pregnancy and I was alone most of the time. We love Nick, but he’s working!” Mariah told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live.

“He’s the hardest working man in show business. Hi, Nick!” she said, as she waved to her husband.

During the show fans called in to ask their icon questions about her life, with a lot of people wanting to talk about her young children.

The singing star implied that two kids were enough for the couple – unless Nick could get pregnant Mariah joked.

“Nick and I have a boy and a girl, I couldn’t ask for better. If Nick could have the babies himself, then maybe. Then, bring ’em on. We love kids!” she laughed.

“I’m responsible for these children ‘til forever, so I look at it like, they didn’t ask for this lifestyle, here they are, and it is so different than just being able to just be like, ‘OK, bye, well, I’m going here now, I just did a show, I’m leaving.’”

Talking about Christmas, Mariah said she was looking forward to a day filled with family festivities.

She also said that snow was a must for the big day.

“I’m going to have the best time possible in a snowy layer ensconced in Aspen with the babies. We’re going to have as much fun as possible – I have to have snow,” she insisted.
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Monday, 23. December 2013