The craziest party flicks of all times

    To set the mood for the big New Year’s party, we present the most off-the-wall parties of movie history.

    In a few days, the year 2013 is coming to an end. And with that, it is finally time to throw a huge party and to celebrate the start of the new year with your best friends. Just so you know what your party is not meant to look like, we have found some chilling examples of the wackiest party movies for you.

    For many movie fans, the mother of all party flicks is no doubt ‘Hangover’. Four friends celebrate a stag do in Las Vegas and after an intoxicating party night, they suffer a major blackout. When they try to find out what sort of nonsense they got up to and to find the missing groom, Phil, Stu and Alan are pushed to the edge. This surreal party night even received a Golden Globe in 2010.

    The three heroes of ‘Superbad’ also experienced a crazy night. Seth, Evan and Fogell are just about to finish High School when they finally receive an invitation to a cool party from a female classmate. However, the minors have to provide some alcoholic drinks and that results in a wild odyssey through half the city. Christopher Mintz-Plasse aka McLovin achieved cult status through ‘Superbad’.

    The 2012 comedy ‘Project X’ shows how a cosy house party can go completely off the rails. Here, three outsiders decide to throw a party in their parents’ house to finally be accepted as cool by their classmates. When more and more kids appear and the number of guests reaches the 2,000 mark, the police have to end the party with a large-scale operation. The next school day, the three boys are celebrated like heroes.

    Thursday, 26. December 2013