The fashion experiments of the stars 2013

  • The fashion experiments of the stars 2013

  • Techno horns are ’90s?! Not according to Miley Cyrus...

  • And that in combination with a skin-coloured latex bikini! Hopefully an experiment that we don’t have to see again in 2014.

  • And in the festive season she even topped that with mini Santa Claus glitter pants. Oh dear, Miley!

  • Compared to that, Lady Gaga was pretty tame this year. We just had to get used to her dreadlock look.

  • And her very own interpretation of Grillz.

  • Katy Perry became a boxer for ‘Roar’ and showed us her strong side.

  • Jennifer Lawrence not only made the headlines tripping on the stairs at the Oscars 2013, but also with her short haircut.

  • Selena Gomez also tried the shorter look - luckily only with a wig.

  • ‘Baywatch’ nymph Pamela Anderson, on the other hand, gave it short shrift - she now sports a very cropped look after cutting off her trademark blonde mane.

  • Justin Bieber has a new love that stayed with him all year: MC Hammer leather pants in black and white. We really hope they finally split up in 2014!

  • Uh-oh, what on earth was Rihanna thinking? She posed completely veiled in a black outfit in front of a mosque to have her picture taken and enraged many believers.

  • Scorned by us, loved by Rihanna in 2013: The mullet!

  • A tiny little bit more fabric would’ve been good: In her ‘Pour It Up’ video, she appeared a little too provocative and the clip was criticised for the “stripper look”...

  • Rita Ora - Hair off! She made that call as well in 2013. But the colourful bob didn’t stay long and the platinum blonde mane was back - for the better!

  • Even Queen B couldn’t keep her hands off the scissors, but the results were stunning.

  • Kanye West thought up very special accessories for his ‘Yeezus’ tour - lavishly decorated face masks. How on earth he still managed to rap or breathe, we have no idea.

  • Iggy Azalea showed a surprising amount of skin in 2013 - especially in the clip for ‘Change Your Life’ where she sported a chain bikini.

  • Harry Styles - this year, one prominent tattoo chased the next and we can’t wait to see what else will follow in 2014.

  • Kim Kardashian added a new hair colour after baby Nori was born. Black became blond - we like!

  • Azealia Banks was leading the pack on the search for the craziest stage outfit on several occasions in 2013.

  • Dear Nicki Minaj, you forgot to wear a shirt underneath your jacket. Just sayin'...

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    From Miley Cyrus’ horns to Rihanna’s burka style and Iggy Azalea’s chain bra.

    Really, this entire gallery could be filled just with images of Miley Cyrus. Nobody else conducted quite as many fashion experiments in 2013 as she did. From hair horns, via yeti fur arms, to the mini-bodice – or even just completely naked – we’ve seen it all.

    But some other celebrities have truly knocked us out with their looks in 2013 – both positive and negative. Here come the Best Of!

    Friday, 03. January 2014