The craziest Christmas Specials on TV

    Christmas is not just about presents and good food. The holidays let us enjoy many hours of festive TV entertainment as well.

    Each year, the holidays are reserved exclusively for the family. But for those who don’t feel like going straight to bed after savouring that Christmas turkey, there are loads of series and films all around the Christmas period. Apart from the movie classics, such as ‘Home Alone’ or ‘Christmas Vacation’, the characters of our favourite soaps also celebrate Christmas. Over the years, a great variety of Xmas specials has accumulated, some of which are repeated year after year, though some belong safely locked away.

    At MTV, Christmas specials are a great tradition. In 1993, the cult figures Beavis and Butt-head got their own Christmas show. In ‘A Very Special Christmas With Beavis & Butt-head’, the two slobs sit in front of the telly as usual and let loose about Christmassy music videos, such as ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’. But in other MTV shows like ‘The Osbournes’, ‘Jackass’ or ‘Viva La Bam’, the stars also showed us how mad their Christmas celebrations are.

    If you prefer it a little more outlandish, you’ll like the Christmas special of Star Wars. Yep, that’s right… even Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader celebrate Christmas. After the huge box office success of ‘Star Wars’, the producers didn’t hesitate to produce a full-length feature film with the title ‘Star Wars Holiday Special’ for American TV. However, due to the trivial action, Star Wars fans would prefer to delete this TV special from their memories.

    The ‘South Park’ episode entitled ‘Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo’ offers a true alternative to Santa Claus. Here, the four friends encounter a poo that sings, wears a Christmas hat and brings the true meaning of Christmas a little closer to the whole town. You’re safe to forget all that political correctness here.

    Wednesday, 25. December 2013