CeeLo reuniting Gnarls Barkley

CeeLo's long-promised Gnarls Barkley reunion could happen in 2014.

CeeLo Green plans to reunite Gnarls Barkley next year.

The soul duo topped charts with 2006 hit single Crazy but CeeLo soon broke off to reignite his solo career with 2010 studio album The Lady Killer and last year’s CeeLo’s Magic Moment.

After years apart, CeeLo says he’s now ready to make new music with DJ Danger Mouse.

Asked by a TMZ videographer at Los Angeles International Airport about the plans for a reunion, he affirmed: “Yeah, like next year.”

The duo’s last album was 2008 Grammy-winner The Odd Couple.

CeeLo has made promises about a reunion before.

In 2011, he told Us magazine fans could expect a follow-up soon, stating: “I would hope it would break more grounds. Knowing the nature of the space that we shared I am pretty sure it will be somewhat similar.”

TMZ speculates the band might actually make it happen this time. According to the outlet, it’s “highly possibly” it could happen at next year’s Coachella Valley Music Festival in Indio, California.

“Outkast pretty much confirmed they’re performing at Coachella next year… and CeeLo first met Gnarls DJ Danger Mouse while touring with Outkast in the 90’s,” the outlet writes, adding that “all four remain friendly”.
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Monday, 23. December 2013