The musical comebacks of 2013

    These bands finally took to the stage in unity again this year!

    The year 2013 not only brought us countless timeless hits and a few rising stars who found their place in the international charts, but also some old hands of the music business who were ready to take another chance. Quite a few bands surprised their fans with a comeback or a reunion.

    There was hardly a rock fan who would have expected a third studio album by Babyshambles. After all, the last album by the band, led by frontman Pete Doherty, came out a whole seven years ago. On top of that, the singer has made more headlines with his drug scandals and his relationship with supermodel Kate Moss than with his music. Luckily, ‘Sequel to the Prequel’ turned out to be a very good album. The comeback was a complete success.

    The biggest surprise this year was the reunion of N’ Sync. Justin Timberlake’s boy band stood united on stage at the VMA, eleven years after they officially split up. And the five bandmates smashed their greatest hits just as they did in their heyday. Unfortunately for the fans, this joint performance was a one-off affair.

    MTV viewers know Ozzy Osbourne as the mad head of the family in the reality show ‘The Osbournes’. Even back then, you could tell the long years of living the Rock’n’Roll lifestyle had taken their toll just by looking at the aging music legend. Yet, the 65 year old has no plans to retire. Instead, he drummed up his old bandmates from Black Sabbath this year, produced a new album and went on an extensive world tour. The album ‘13’ not only got positive reviews, but it achieved huge chart success. The metal band topped both the British and the American charts.

    Monday, 23. December 2013