Richie ‘gets significant gifts’

Nicole Richie attempts to “one-up” loved ones with her special Christmas presents.

Nicole Richie enforces one key Christmas gift rule.

The 32-year-old TV personality-turned-fashion designer doesn’t think shopping for presents over the holidays should be complicated.

Nicole follows a simple guideline to ensure she purchases good gifts for her family and friends.

“I look for something special that they would probably never buy for themselves,” she told online magazine Domaine.

Nicole confesses she is often inspired to buy amazing presents in an attempt to show her loved ones up.

She jokes that the thrill of getting the perfect offering gets her going.

“I really like to take the time to find a gift that will be significant to them. The holidays are really just an excuse for me to one-up my family and friends,” Nicole laughed.

Although she is pretty confident about what she buys for loved ones, Nicole offers a bit of cautionary advice.

The star believes purchasing things for another person’s house can be tricky.

“When you give someone a gift for their home, they’re going to feel obligated to display it whether they love it or hate it, so you want to make sure you really know their taste,” Nicole said.

“Sometimes it’s safer to give something that isn’t decor so much as a nice accent, like coffee table books or some great candles. That way, you’re adding to their home without having to worry about clashing with their style.”
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Friday, 20. December 2013