Odom ‘finds strength in ex’

Lamar Odom will reportedly spend the Christmas holidays with his ex-girlfriend and their two children.

Lamar Odom’s former lover is reportedly “a tremendous source of strength for him”.

The 34-year-old basketball star’s estranged wife Khloé Kardashian filed for divorce last week.

And it is claimed Lamar is finding solace for his heartbreak by spending time with ex-girlfriend Liza Morales, with whom he shares two children.

“Lamar has been talking to Liza in the last few weeks, and she has been a tremendous source of strength for him,” a source told Radar Online.

“Khloé was always insanely jealous of Liza and that is why Lamar distanced himself. He now recognises that was a mistake.”

According to the website, Lamar will spend the Christmas holidays in New York with Liza, their daughter Destiny, 15, and their son Lamar Jr., 11.

Lamar spent about 10 years in a relationship with Liza before he married Khloé in 2009.

While he and Liza were a couple they faced many tragedies together, including the loss of their son Jayden to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in 2006, just six-and-a-half months after the child was born.

Lamar’s teenage daughter Destiny recently shared her thoughts on her dad’s failed marriage with Khloé

“No one thought they were going to last, so honestly, who [cares],” she wrote on her ask.fm page in response to a fan’s question about the divorce.

“I don’t want [a reconciliation] to happen anyways. I have him all to myself now!”
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Wednesday, 18. December 2013