Bieber ‘back to being underdog’

Justin Bieber discusses his experience of being “verbally assaulted” by paparazzi in his Believe trailer.

Justin Bieber is sick of being “chased”.

The 19-year-old singer released the second trailer for his movie Believe on Monday, nine days ahead of its Christmas release.

The film promo shows Justin revealing his angst over being hounded by paparazzi everywhere he goes.

“I’ve been chased by those same people when they were verbally assaulting me,” he says of certain photographers in the clip.

“They wanted to get a reaction out of me so they could make me seem out of control.

“I learned from that. When they really see it from my perspective, I’m a good person.”

Justin also reaffirmed his dedication to his millions of admirers, who have lovingly been dubbed ‘Beliebers’.

The Beauty And A Beat hitmaker claims he has devoted his career to pleasing fans.

“It’s back to being an underdog. Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands and fly,” he said of his professional direction, before adding later in the video, “My favourite part is the intimate moments with fans. It all started with fans so it’s gotta end with fans.”

Justin is often represented as a ladies’ man, and he has even been accused of visiting a Brasilian brothel while performing in the South American country on his Believe concert tour.

But the heartthrob assures he is romantic at the core.

“Of course I’ve been in love. I think being in love is the most powerful thing,” he said.
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Monday, 16. December 2013