Manganiello’s ‘baby-making music’

Joe Manganiello reveals he listens to indie music when he’s “feeling romantic”.

Joe Manganiello shares his favourite “baby-making” music.

The hunky True Blood star admits certain melodies gets his blood pumping while romancing his model girlfriend Bridget Peters.

Joe, 36, says he is most likely to tune into a certain synthpop indie rock band before making love.

“When I’m feeling romantic the music I usually turn on is Poliça from Minnesota, good baby-making stuff,” he revealed in a video interview for People magazine.

Joe and Bridget met in 2012, the year his male stripper movie Magic Mike reached theatres.

The star reveals his love often benefits from the sensual striptease he learned while shooting the sexy film.

“The last time I danced was probably busting out some Magic Mike moves at home for my girlfriend,” he shared.

Although Joe is known for his muscular physique, the actor confesses he has a soft spot for rich foods.

He says you can often find him dining on soul food at a famous Los Angeles restaurant.

“If I must have a cheap meal I highly recommend Roscoe’s House of Fries Chicken and Waffles in Hollywood,” he said.

“Then you can work off that cheap meal with my new book Evolution, in stores now.”

Joe released his new health and fitness tome, Evolution: The Cutting Edge Guide to Breaking Down Mental Walls and Building the Body You’ve Always Wanted, earlier this month.
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Sunday, 15. December 2013