Gaga: Tour will be unforgettable

Lady Gaga can’t wait for her Artpop Ball to begin.

Lady Gaga says her Artpop Ball will be “unforgettable”.

The singer announced last week that she will have a string of North American dates kicking off in Spring 2014.

Tickets were available for purchase this week, and the reaction from fans has Gaga thrilled.

“THANK U SO MUCH, to all the fans who bought tickets to the tour. It’s been the best xmas present ever. This show will be unforgettable,” she tweeted.

The pop star has plenty to be happy about – according to Forbes, she was the second highest paid woman in music this year, beating out Beyoncé and Taylor Swift.

According to the magazine, Gaga earned $80 million over the last twelve months. The top spot went to Madonna, who earned $125 million.

Gaga is already reportedly preparing her backstage requests for the Artpop Ball. The star apparently asked for an oxygen tank backstage at the Jingle Bell Ball in London last week.

“Gaga had oxygen with her during her last tour, and it’s become something she now relies on in work situations,” a source told UK newspaper the Mirror.

“It had originally been overlooked in her rider so a crew from St John Ambulance were sent out to set up an oxygen canister for her. They weren’t best pleased. But Gaga has had a really rough year and genuinely sees it as an essential medical supply.”
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Thursday, 12. December 2013