Styles’ schedule sparks concern

Harry Styles' new exercise regime could be "cause for concern" it's been claimed.

Harry Styles’ frantic lifestyle is “cause for concern”, says a medic.

The One Direction star’s work schedule is jam packed at the moment thanks to the release of the band’s third album Midnight Memories.

The 19-year-old singer recently spoke about his exercise regime, claiming he only sleeps for four hours a night and usually gets up at 5am to hit the gym. His frantic pace of life could result in major health problems, it has been suggested.

“It sounds like he is going overboard and not resting his body is cause for concern,” Dr Arun Ghosh told British magazine Heat. “Harry’s obviously young and is clearly able to do it now, but there’s only so long you can go on before you get exhausted. If he gets too tired, he won’t physically be able to manage and he may collapse. Sleep is so important and the most worrying thing is that Harry admits to only getting four hours’ sleep a night. That’s certainly not enough, especially after intense, gruelling activity.”

The star has been seen out and about a lot recently, including to pick up his best style prize at the British Fashion Awards last week. He has appeared tired while partying though and his skin is also not looking it’s best.

“Spots are a big problem for Harry – they’re bad on his face and back and he’s feeling a bit insecure about his looks at the moment,” an insider claimed.

Arun believes this could be one of the reasons why the curly-haired star is spending so much time pumping iron.

“Harry’s under intense pressure to look good especially because of the famous women he’s dated. There are so many pictures taken of him so he wants to look his best. He wants people to go away saying, ‘Yes he is fit, yes he is gorgeous,’” the medic added.
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Tuesday, 10. December 2013