Lohan ‘not being investigated’

Lindsay Lohan has been ruled out as a suspect in Barron Hilton’s assault case.

Lindsay Lohan isn’t suspected of orchestrating an assault on Paris Hilton’s brother, cops confirm.

TMZ reported the 27-year-old actress was allegedly accused of “masterminding” a beating against 24-year-Barron Hilton in South Beach, Miami last week.

But according to Sergeant Bobby Hernandez of the Miami Police Department, Lindsay had no involvement with the matter.

“We are not investigating Lindsay Lohan at all,” he told Celebuzz.

“Lindsay Lohan’s name was never mentioned. If she had orchestrated it, we would have been told. And we didn’t receive that information on the scene.”

The altercation took place at a mansion on Star Island early Friday morning and rumours are rampant Lindsay’s friend Ray Lemoine threw punches on Barron.

Sgt. Hernandez says although they are investigating thoroughly, authorities still haven’t narrowed down a suspect.

“I wish there was an arrest imminent because we can arrest someone,” he explained.

“We don’t know who we are arresting. We have to speak to [Barron] first, and positively identify a subject. We do not have a subject identified at all. We can bring a victim in so he can positively ID them or he can tell us who it is, but nothing has happened.”

According to Hernandez, Barron hasn’t returned any calls from the police since the December 6 incident took place.

The officer believes the hotel heir’s conduct is a bit strange.

“[Barron] refused any medical assistance. He refused any crime scene pictures. We went to scene with detectives to interview him to see if they could get more information, but he fled. He did the [initial] report and moved on,” Sgt. Hernandez recalled.

“When police cleared the scene and detectives arrived to ask more questions, he didn’t wait to meet with them. Victims all act differently, but it is a little bizarre.”
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Tuesday, 10. December 2013