Perry not ready for motherhood

Katy Perry, Russell Brand, John Mayer

Katy Perry wasn’t “ready” for kids with Russell Brand.

The 29-year-old singer married the British comedian in 2010, but Russell filed for divorce 14 months later.

She’s now happily coupled up with singer John Mayer, but Katy doesn’t see a family on the horizon quite yet.

“I’m definitely not there yet, and I can’t plan that far in advance. When I decide to have a family, I’ll just want to be Mom for a little bit," she revealed to the US edition of Marie Claire.

“[Russell] really wanted me to have children, and I knew I wasn’t ready – I think it was a way of control. I think it was part of, If I have a kid, then I would have to sacrifice – I’d have to be home more. I really wanted to, but I knew I wasn’t ready for it. It wasn’t like, ‘Hey, let’s have a kid because we’re in love.’”

Katy has dated John on and off since August 2012.

She elaborated a little on her relationship with the handsome star, who has dated Jennifer Aniston and Taylor Swift in the past.

“I took a break from my boyfriend, not one that I wanted. It was like a splash of cold water to search inward on what was going on with me," she admitted.

“That is what led me to this new awakening, this realising, ‘If I don’t do some self-love, I’m not going to be able to keep the love that I want.’ I still needed to deal with all of my ex-husband stuff. I hadn’t. It’s almost like if I kept talking about it, it would seem like I actually cared about it. I don’t.”
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Monday, 09. December 2013