Lohan: my sister can sing

Lindsay Lohan says her sister Aliana Lohan is a great singer.

Lindsay Lohan says her sister Aliana Lohan has a wonderful singing voice.

Aliana, 19, signed with the NEXT modelling agency in 2011. And now it appears that she wants to add singing to her resume.

“You’re finally going to hear my little sister’s beautiful voice. Check out her new YouTube channel!” tweeted Lindsay, with a link to Aliana’s page.

Aliana also posted a link on Twitter, and announced her new ambitions.

“Hey everyone! I finally am posting a video of myself singing a snippet of a song on my new @YouTube account! It’s now or never hahaha xo!” she tweeted.

Lindsay has recently been in hot water following a fight that happened between one of her friends and Barron Hilton.

Barron accused Lindsay of manipulating her friend Ray Lemoine into attacking him at a Miami nightclub on Friday. He posted a photo of his bruised face, leading to a furious reaction from sister Paris Hilton.

“They both will pay for what they did. No one f**ks with my family and gets away with it!!” she fumed.

According to TMZ, Ray has since announced Lindsay had nothing to do with the fight.

“Ray had been renting the house for a few days — and allowed LiLo to stay there because she was a friend of a friend,” wrote the website, adding that Barron allegedly got upset when Ray asked him to leave after the party on Friday morning.
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Monday, 09. December 2013