Gaga’s ARTPOP ‘deeply personal’

Lady Gaga says every track on new album ARTPOP is personal.

Lady Gaga says every song in ARTPOP has a “personal story”.

The singer recently announced a strong of North American dates for The ARTPOP Ball in 2014.

According to Gaga, the album is important to her because the lyrics to every track all have deep meaning.

“my favorite thing about the album is how free it is. It is itself at every moment. look at the lyrics, every song is personal w/ ARTPOP lyrics,” Gaga tweeted to her over 40 million followers.

“There’s a personal story to each song. The only fantasy is in the sounds & the way they’re put together like a puzzle.”

The pop star goes on to explain why the album is special.

The Applause singer wanted to create something that reflected not only her own life, but also the lives of her many dedicated Little Monsters.

“I can’t wait to sing Mary Jane Holland live on the tour, that b***h is gonna rear her brunette princess high head every night. #FavLYRICS (sic)” Gaga added.

“The lyrics mirror the realities of my natural chaotic thought process. So the thoughts transition faster, lyrical tangents the way i think I imagine many of my fans share a similarly chaotic feeling in their own lives. This album was written to make sense of that chaos.”

While ARTPOP’s sales have not been great, Gaga insists the album is the perfect representation of her inner turmoil.

When a fan told her that ARTPOP is “a musically divine album that uplifts my soul,” her response was heartfelt.

“im so happy you feel that monster. is was designed to lift your soul. and mine, and bring them together. because we belong,” Gaga said.
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Friday, 06. December 2013