Gaga will have fans on stage

Lady Gaga promises to pull “at least 20” fans on stage at her shows.

Lady Gaga says she will pull at least 20 fans on stage every night for her new tour.

The singer announced new North American concert dates for The ARTPOP Ball, which kicks off in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on May 4th.

According to Gaga, fans will get a chance to meet the singer every night she performs.

“meet and greets are still free from the monster pit. I will still bring up fans and give out backstage passes,” she tweeted.

“we are also selling meet & greets, the most expensive tkt, which puts you ON the stage for the performance. we did this to scale tkt pricing so everyone could have a chance to go & I could make some tkt prices much lower outside US too (sic).”

According to Gaga, the more expensive tickets would mean fans got to sit near the piano as she performed. She also reiterates that even if people opt for a normal ticket, they still have a chance of getting on stage.

“yes, you will also sit on the stage the entire performance around 1 of the piano, just feet away from me. i will still pull about 20 fans at least out of the monster pit everynight, and if you get picked its free!!” Gaga added.

Tickets for The Artpop Ball go on sale on December 9 2013.
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Thursday, 05. December 2013