Leona planning new album

Leona Lewis says her next album will be “inspired by so much”.

Leona Lewis is hoping to start recording a new album in January.

The singer currently has a holiday themed album called Christmas With Love out, which represents her passion for the holiday season.

According to Leona, her many fresh experiences in 2013 will be expressed in the music she creates next year.

“I’m hoping to get back in the studio in the New Year and start recording an album because I feel like I’ve been really inspired by so much,” she told Perez Hilton. “I’ve done so many different things this year. I just recently did a film and then this album with a different genre that I’ve never done before. So I’ve been re-inspired."

Leona wants to share her wisdom with other young artists, especially fellow alumni of singing competitions like the X Factor.

The pop star believes building up strong relationships are crucial to staying on path in the industry.

“I feel like when I went into the show, I had a clear vision of what I wanted to do and I really bonded with Simon [Cowell], obviously,” Leona said.

“I feel like he helped me so much. With his advice and his guidance and mentoring, I was really able to do something I never thought would be possible.”

The singer strongly recommends working hard and sticking to your guns no matter what.

According to Leona, surrounding yourself with people who are positive is crucial.

“So I give the advice of, if you have a mentor, find someone that believes in you and have that support from them. Also have a clear vision of what you want for yourself and don’t compromise,” she added.
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Tuesday, 03. December 2013