Gaga ‘ran over fairy wand’

Lady Gaga has been reaching out to fans after a disappointing week.

Lady Gaga’s fans show support in the form of “fairy wands” following her Muppets flop.

The singer’s Thanksgiving special, Lady Gaga & The Muppets Holiday Spectacular, did poorly with viewers.

But luckily for the singer, her fans are supporting her and the ARTPOP star has been gushing about the items her Little Monsters gift to her.

“The car just ran over a fairy wand a monster threw at me hoping it would make it through the window. I’m devastated,” Gaga posted on Twitter while in Japan, before writing in an Instagram caption shortly after:

“But I did catch this mirror as it was being flailed into the moving vehicle. So kawaii, I’m sad to leave.”

According to reports, her Muppets show only brought in 3.6 million viewers, while 2011’s A Very Gaga Thanksgiving had a 78 per cent higher rating with 5.4 million total viewers.

The pop star has been posting what appear to be cryptic messages on her Instagram account since the programme aired. One of the more bizarre photos she posted was of her dressed up like a Japanese anime character.

“Lot of changes happening in my life, schedules been crazy, but I’m finally feeling like me again. Nobody holding me back, I can just be myself. Feels good. Paws up,” Gaga put as the caption.

One of the “changes” Gaga is referring to could be her split with manager Troy Carter earlier this month. The Applause singer and Troy had worked together since 2007.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “creative differences” are said to be the cause of the split.
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Tuesday, 03. December 2013