Gaga’s ‘crazy changes’

Lady Gaga claims she is finally feeling good about herself again.

Lady Gaga says it “feels good” to deal with the constant changes in her life.

The 27-year-old Applause singer split from her longtime manager Troy Carter after working together since 2006.

Rumours are rampant she has argued with record label executives over her recent creative choices, but Gaga couldn’t be happier.

“Lot of changes happening in my life, schedules been crazy, but I’m finally feeling like me again,” she wrote in an Instagram caption Friday, which was attached to a picture of her dressed in a glamorous bunny suit.

“Nobody holding me back, I can just be myself. Feels good. Paws up.”

Gaga released her third studio album ARTPOP on November 6, but her new music has largely been panned by critics.

The Los Angeles Times previously reported 4,000 viewers clicked off the YouTube Music Awards when Gaga delivered an emotional performance of her new single, Dope.

But ARTPOP is selling well internationally despite the criticism, with the album debuting at the top of the US Billboard 200 chart in its first week of release.

It is rumoured Gaga severed her relationship with Troy after Interscope record execs insisted he intervene in her career.

Managers at Interscope were reportedly so worried about the supposed lack of hits on ARTPOP they insisted she release it as an EP, which she refused.

But a spokesperson for the record label says they are ecstatic with how well Gaga’s ARTPOP is doing.

“That story is untrue and ridiculous. Gaga has creative control, and we are thrilled with her album,” the representative told the New York Post.

“It’s the No. 1 album, and everyone would love a No. 1 album. What’s not to be happy about?”
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Saturday, 30. November 2013