Kardashians share Thanksgiving meal

Kris Jenner shared several photos of her family's Thanksgiving feast last night.

The Kardashian family tucked into a home cooked family feast for Thanksgiving last night.

The reality star clan got together to celebrate the annual American holiday and enjoyed a meal made up of some of their relatives’ recipes.

Mom Kris Jenner posted a photo of their long menu of dishes on her Instagram account, which rested on a gold and white plate. She also gave a glimpse of their luxurious feast by posting a photo of several sweet treats and mouth-watering savouries.

She whipped up her “famous Lemon Cake” along with several other deserts including Pecan Pie and Coffee Crunch cake.

Some of the dishes passed around for mains were sausage stuffing, sweet potato soufflé and Khloé Kardashian’s “famous Macaroni Cheese”.

Kris shared her Thanksgiving wishes with her followers on the site.

“Happy Thanksgiving!!! So thankful and grateful for friends and family . . . #Blessed (sic),” the 58-year-old star wrote.

She also penned a festive entry on her official blog.

“I hope everyone is having a nice, relaxing day off! This is a day to give thanks, appreciate everything we have, and spend time with the people we love! Happy Thanksgiving dolls!!!” she shared.

Kourtney Kardashian took a snap of the family’s tree, which is decorated with ball balls, feather tinsel and mini owls perched on the branches.

“Thanksgiving tree!” she wrote excitedly on her Instagram account.

She also captured a little elf sat on top of the kitchen cupboards that appears to be a tradition in the household.

“The Elf is back…” she wrote.

Kourtney’s siblings Kim, Kendall and Kylie also joined in the celebrations. Kylie too shared a message with her fans.

“Happy thanksgiving twitter world.. Grateful for my family and friends (sic),” Kylie wrote.
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Friday, 29. November 2013