Rimes wishes ‘love and peace’

LeAnn Rimes says happy Thanksgiving from her “blended family”.

LeAnn Rimes is wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving from her “blended family”.

The singer is celebrating the holiday with husband Eddie Cibrian and his sons with ex wife Brandi Glanville, Mason and Jake.

LeAnn posted a picture of the group posing in front of their Christmas tree on Twitter, in honour of the holidays.

“Thanksgiving wishes from our blended family to yours. So much love and peace,” LeAnn tweeted.

“So many people I want to personally say happy turkey too, a blessing in itself. Need more time in this day lol,” she said earlier.

LeAnn has made it very clear how much her stepsons mean to her. And she is looking forward to the day she and Eddie have children of their own, too.

According to the Spitfire star, she has no plans to get pregnant but believes it will happen when it’s meant to.

“No, not yet. I’m not one of those that’s joined the club yet,” LeAnn previously told Chelsea Handler, adding they have Eddie’s boys “around half the time, so we have our hands full. But eventually, I mean, I think eventually it will happen,” she revealed.

The country singer admitted many of the songs on her new album are about family and love. Eddie was apparently concerned with this at first but now he is fine with it.

“He didn’t quite know how to take it at first,” LeAnn joked. “Now he’s really good about it.”
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Friday, 29. November 2013