Taylor’s jealousy plan

Taylor Swift is only reportedly dating Douglas Booth to get back at her ex.

Taylor Swift is using Douglas Booth to make ex Harry Styles jealous.

The 23-year-old singer broke up with One Direction star Harry in January of this year, after a bitter row broke out while the pair celebrated the New Year on a Caribbean island.

But ten months later, Taylor still harbours feelings for Harry and was upset that he hung out with Kendall Jenner when he was in Los Angeles for the American Music Awards last week, reports Hollywood Life.

It’s now alleged that Taylor, who famously writes songs about her ex-boyfriends, is romancing Romeo and Juliet actor Douglas Booth in a bid to make her ex jealous.

“Taylor’s date with Douglas was all about making Harry jealous, and she made sure that everyone found out about her night out. Taylor usually tries to be really low-profile, but for her meeting with Douglas she purposely chose somewhere that she knew would get attention.

“She went to one of busiest pubs in London and sat in the public area. She wanted the news to get out about the date because she knows it will make Harry jealous,” a source close to the star told Hollywood Life.

Douglas’ co-star Hailee Steinfeld brought the pair together in September, introducing them at an after party for the Romeo and Juliet premiere.

They’ve since been spotted getting close, with sources claiming that 23-year-old Taylor is conscious people will think she’s sitting at home waiting for Harry to call so she makes sure she’s always busy.

“She doesn’t want Harry — or anyone else for that matter — to think she’s sitting home waiting for him. And she isn’t moping — she has lots of options, and Douglas is one of them.

“She’s testing things out with Douglas, because he’s gorgeous and a fun distraction,” the insider continued.
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Thursday, 28. November 2013