Calvin flies 15,000 miles for Rita

Calvin Harris reportedly travelled over 15,000 miles to spend time with Rita Ora on her birthday.

Calvin Harris supposedly spent 36 hours on airplanes to spend time with Rita Ora.

The songstress turned 23 years old on Tuesday and her musician beau Calvin, 29, flew 15,000 miles to be with her.

He departed from Los Angeles to London before flying to Australia to celebrate his love’s special day in person.

“Calvin was desperate to see Rita on her birthday, even though their schedules saw them on opposite sides of the globe,” a source told British newspaper The Mirror.

“So he booked flights to make sure he could spend the whole day with her, flying into London for just 24 hours.”

Rita hosted a Studio 54-themed party at trendy London venue The Box club and Calvin was by her side throughout.

According to insiders, being airborne for 32 hours didn’t deter him from showing his love how much he cares for her.

“They made the most of their time together, staying out until 5am before heading back for an afterparty together, but just hours later he had to get on another flight,” the insider detailed.

“Rita was delighted that he made such a special effort for her.”

Last week Rita was hospitalised after collapsing in Miami due to suspected heat exhaustion.

Soon after the incident she assured fans, whom she lovingly calls ‘Ritabots’, she is healthy and well.

“Just to say. I love you guys. I’m getting better. Thank you for all your support bots I love you. Sorry to scare you. I got scared too,” she wrote on Twitter.

Rita and Calvin began dating in May. The songstress has previously been romantically linked to Bruno Mars and Rob Kardashian.
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Thursday, 28. November 2013