Beyoncé’s rep denies diva behaviour

Beyoncé Knowles’ spokesperson says she was not kicked out of a tour of the Egyptian pyramids.

Beyoncé Knowles’ spokesperson denies she was kicked out of an Egyptian tour of the pyramids.

The singer was the subject of a scathing report this week when former Egyptian Minister of State for Antiquities Zahi Hawass recalled his alleged 2009 encounter with the star to the Independent.

“Most people I take on tours are very nice and we become friends. But this lady… She said she would come at 3 p.m. but she came late. I said, ‘You have to say I’m sorry I’m late.’ But she didn’t open her mouth,” he stated, claiming Beyoncé was so rude he asked her to leave.

A spokesperson for the star acknowledged Beyoncé was in Egypt in 2009. However, the representative told E! News there is no truth to the allegations.

“This never happened. The last time she was in Egypt was on tour in 2009. Nothing like this happened. Lies and more lies,” the spokesperson said.

Reports surfaced back in 2009 after Beyoncé’s visit to the site, when reporter Summer al-Gamal quoted Zahi calling the diva “stupid”, E! reports.

The archeologist acknowledged he did hurl the insult, but insists it was only after the star made outrageous demands.

“I brought a photographer and she also had a photographer and a guard,” he stated. “When my photographer started to shoot, he said ‘No, Stop! I am the one who says yes or no, not you.’ I said, ‘In that case since you almost hit my photographer and you are not polite, out! I am not giving you the privilege of having you on my tour.’ I said Beyoncé was stupid and I left.”
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Wednesday, 27. November 2013