Kanye: Kim is Marilyn

Kanye West believes he is the new Walt Disney and Kim Kardashian is Marilyn Monroe.

The rapper is known for comparing himself to famous figures throughout history, including Jesus, Willy Wonka, Pablo Picasso and Marlon Brando.

In a new radio interview on Tuesday, Kanye insisted he is like Walt, and Kim should have been on a recent Vanity Fair cover instead of Kate Upton.

“I’m just a creative,” he told Chicago’s Power 105.1. “I’m more like, a Walt Disney or something. Kate Upton ain’t Marilyn Monroe! Kim Marilyn Monroe! She was controversial. She controversial (sic).”

Kanye goes on to explain that he is a misunderstood poet, and believes he was a writer in a past life. The hitmaker is convinced he is on par with artists like Michaelangelo.

“This is a reality,” he said. “I’m living inside of a dream world. Like, rap is just a chamber of my thoughts. It’s something that I really wanted to express as a modern-day poet, because you know, if I had lived in a past lifetime, maybe I would have been a playwright or something.”

Kanye insists rap music is the most creative outlet that exists in the modern age. He also believes the people he compares himself to should be honoured.

“But in this lifetime, to be the most heard and the most relevant, the most relevant is to be a rap rock star. You can express at the highest level there,” Kanye said.

“I’m like Howard Hughes! I’m like David Stern! I’m like Steve Jobs! If anything that’s a compliment to them! I’m like Michelangelo. Because I’m the new version of that.”
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Tuesday, 26. November 2013