Kim loves Bound parody

Kim Kardashian gives Seth Rogen and James Franco her seal of approval.

Kim Kardashian says Seth Rogen “nailed” the parody of her in Kanye West’s new music video.

The comedian plays pouty Kim in a spoof of Kanye’s clip, Bound 2, released last week.

Kim, who is engaged to the rapper, is pictured straddling him as they cruise through the night on a motorcycle, wind blowing through her hair as they bounce to the beat across the desert.

After Seth tweeted a link to his version, co-starring James Franco as Kanye, Kim offered her seal of approval.

“You nailed it!!! Sooo funny! RT @Sethrogen: #Bound3.Enjoy!!!!!!” she wrote, sharing the link with her 18 million Twitter followers.

Seth responded shortly thereafter, after admitting the parody, which included a shirtless makeout session with James, took “more effort than I’d like to admit”.

The actor gave Kim credit for working the camera so seductively in some back-breaking positions.

“@KimKardashian thanks! Some of those positions were really uncomfortable. That sh*t is harder than it looks,” he mused.

While Kanye didn’t chime in, James also tweeted his followers and shared stills from their shoot on Instagram.

“#bound3 #sethrogen #love – A LITTLE VIDEO SeTH AND I mADE IN OUR DOWN.” he wrote, adding, “I LOvE SETh.”

Six days after its release, Bound 2 has already clocked in nearly 6.5 million views.

Seth and James’ parody looks to be nipping at its heels, however, earning more than 1.3 million hits in less than 24 hours.
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Tuesday, 26. November 2013