Mahone’s torture at not singing

Austin Mahone admitted that not singing was like torture for him.

Austin Mahone says that not being able to sing was like torture.

The teenage singing star was hospitalised last month following a blood clot in his throat.

Now firmly on the road to recovery, Austin was suited and booted at this weekend’s American Music Awards and says he’s feeling better.

“You know, I sing every day and when I had strep throat and I had that blood clot I couldn’t sing at all for like, three weeks straight. It was torture.

“I feel great. I feel a hundred percent better. I’m just ready to get on the stage and start performing again,” Austin told People TV.

He even managed to break into song, serenading People presenter Raha Lewis with a version of Michael Jackson’s Human Nature and proving he’s fully recovered.

Despite his good health, 17-year-old Austin has had to postpone his tour from October to February to give him maximum time to recuperate.

“I would say two days before, I started feeling a little bump in my throat. Every time I swallowed, it would be scratchy, it would hurt and I had the chills. It made my throat hurt so bad, for three days straight I wasn’t even eating solid food,” he previously told People magazine after leaving hospital.

Posting a photo to his Instagram in his hospital gown he told his 2.8million followers “I’ve never felt so bad.”
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Monday, 25. November 2013