Joan Collins cautions teen brides

Joan Collins is cynical when it comes to marrying young.

Joan Collins would advise teenagers not to get married.

The British actress married her first husband, Maxwell Reed, when she was 18 and has since wed four more times.

She’s currently loved up with fifth husband Percy Gibson, but has taken a cynical view when it comes to saying vows at a young age.

“Yes, and it was big mistake,” she said to British magazine OK! of her teenage marriage.

“Anyone wanting to get married at 18, I would advise them it’s not a good idea. If you really think you’ve found your true love at that age and it will last, then fine. But remember, people change a lot between their teens and their fifties.”

The 80-year-old claims she stopped believing in marriage after every divorce.

It was rumoured her second husband Anthony Newley cheated on her, but Joan doesn’t drive herself crazy by wondering why.

“Darling, men are men,” she said as she dismissed the matter.

“They like the thrill of the chase – except for my current husband, Percy.”

Wanting to expand her career, Joan asked for a part in popular period drama Downton Abbey.

She was turned down for the role of Lady Cora’s mother, but still loves the show.

“I’m not annoyed,” she shrugged.

“You have to be able to take rejection in this business. That show has turned down a lot of big names.

“I love [Downton Abbey]. Rejection in this business is like water off a duck’s back.”
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Saturday, 23. November 2013