Kristen Bell prefers feisty females

Kristen Bell used to want to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid because she's so unique.

Kristen Bell thinks Disney princesses have too much oestrogen.

The actress voices animated character Anna in Christmas Disney movie Frozen.

She’s very excited about the part, as it means making one of her childhood dreams come true – to be a feisty cartoon royal.

“Actually, [I wanted to be] a combination of Ariel and Aladdin,” she laughed to Total Film.

“I know Aladdin isn’t technically a princess, but I needed someone with a little more mojo, and a little less oestrogen. Ariel was more unique – she was the first redhead, she was half fish, she collected forks, she liked reggae!”

Kristen was thrilled she could “mould” her character in Frozen to her own ideas, even basing Anna on herself as a young girl.

The actress is also known for TV series Veronica Mars, which is being turned into a movie for 2014.

She exercised her vocal cords a little for Frozen, but Kristen can’t see the film being turned into a musical.

“I wish,” she sighed.

“We had talked about doing a musical episode and it never happened, but we do have quite a few good cameos. Jamie Lee Curtis and James Franco are the only ones that have been announced, but there are three or four more. If you’re even the slightest bit nerdy, you’ll flip your lid at one cameo, who was easily the most popular on set – and that was the day we had James Franco there!”
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Saturday, 23. November 2013