Cowell wants a Simon Jr.

Simon Cowell wants to name his baby Simon after himself.

Simon Cowell says he wants his son to have the same first name as him.

The media mogul is expecting his first child with partner Lauren Silverman. According to the 54-year-old, the name Simon is “lucky”, and he wants that luck to transfer to his baby.

“It’s my number one choice, because I like the name,” he told Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show. “I think I like the idea of talking to someone else called Simon."

Simon goes on to explain that while not everyone is on board with his choice, he thinks it would be a great idea. He hopes that if his child has his name, he will inherit his luck.

“I haven’t quite agreed it with everyone yet,” Simon admits. “I’ve had a lucky life and I want the same for him. It’s not been agreed yet.”

This is not the first time Simon has floated the idea of naming his son after him. He previously revealed the plan to ex-girlfriend Terri Seymour, telling her he wants his heir to take over one day.

“My number one choice is Simon, because I like the name,” he told Terri on TV show Extra.

Simon explained his second choice was the name Eric, after his father. Apparently the baby will be born close to Simon’s father’s birthday, which he sees as a sign.

“His birthday is going to be very close to my dad’s birthday,” Simon said. “I want to teach him how to do my job as quickly as possible. I want to pass the reins over. I really like the idea of teaching him how to run the business.”
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Friday, 22. November 2013