Horan wants honest love

Niall Horan is wary of girls dating him just because he's in One Direction.

Niall Horan wants a girlfriend who sees him as “normal”.

The cute One Direction star has been linked to singer Ellie Goulding and Irish model Zoe Whelan in the past, but has confirmed to E! News that he’s single.

As a member of one of the hottest boybands around, the 20-year-old admits it’s hard to weed out the girls who just want him because he’s famous.

“You have to find the one who… just sees you as a normal person, which is exactly what I am, and just like you for who you are and not because I’m in One Direction,” he explained to.

Niall and his bandmates Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne recently had a run-in with paparazzi at Los Angeles airport.

The Irish singer even tweeted about their apparently aggressive behaviour, which he says saw him knocked to the floor.

“I wasn’t expecting it… there was loads of paps – 50, 60 paps – and the fans were behind them,” he recalled. "They start pushing each other, which meant we got pushed. Then someone pushed me and dragged me to the floor, and then it was all a bit crazy and Zayn was being dragged around.

“We felt bad afterward ‘cause we kind of let down the fans, but it was actually the paps’ fault ‘cause they’re weirdos.”

One Direction have amassed a huge fan base since appearing on The X Factor UK in 2010.

Luckily the boys have taken fame in their stride.

“I don’t think anyone’s finding it really hard,” Niall shrugged. “We just keep ourselves to ourselves and go with it. These guys [the paparazzi] have got a job to do and got money to make and families to feed, which is totally fine, but it’s the way you go about it is the thing.”
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Friday, 22. November 2013