Cowell rarely uses $1.7m car

Simon Cowell rang a friend to check whether he should splash out $1.7 million on a car.

Simon Cowell has driven his $1.7 million car just twice.

The 54-year-old star is a complete petrol head and his pride and joy is a black Bugatti Veyron he purchased in 2010. While he loves the vehicle and enjoys getting behind the wheel, it rarely happens.

“Twice,” he told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, when quizzed on how often he has driven it.

Despite that, the music mogul does not regret the extravagant purchase. As soon as he saw the car he knew he was destined to have it, but admits checking a friend’s opinion before parting with any cash.

“It was beckoning me to buy it. Seriously,” he explained, adding he then rang his pal to see whether he should splash out the $1.7 million.

“[The friend say yes] so, the following day I walked in and bought it.”

Simon bragged that the sports car is so well built it can reach speeds of 260 miles per hour. Ellen was astounded to hear that, quickly asking the X Factor judge where he would ever be able to drive that fast.

“I hit 250 on Sunset,” Simon deadpanned, in reference to the iconic windy and usually busy road in Los Angeles.

“I’m lying. Police if you’re watching…”

Chat quickly turned to Simon’s baby with Lauren Silverman, which is due to be born in February. He can’t wait to meet his son, although at the moment a name hasn’t been picked out. Ellen quizzed the star on whether he hoped to call the bundle of joy Simon, which he confirmed.

“I haven’t quite agreed it with everyone yet,” he admitted. “I just like the idea of talking to someone else called Simon.”

Ellen then presented the star with a mini Bugatti for his little one, which thrilled Simon.

“Oh my god. I love it,” he gushed.

Ellen replied: “And he’ll probably drive it twice in three years, also.”
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Friday, 22. November 2013