Niall ‘getting museum’

Niall Horan is ‘getting a museum in his home town’.

Niall Horan is ‘getting a museum in his honour’ in his home town.

The One Direction star hails from Mullingar, in County Westmeath, Ireland. 20-year-old Niall gets so many fans turning up at his childhood home, the local council is setting up a site for people to visit.

“Of course we want to honour one of our leading lights,” local councillor Aidan Davitt told UK newspaper The Sun. “Niall is always promoting Mullingar around the world and has said it’s something he would support, as did his mother Maura.”

Aidan goes on to explain that the fans who turn up are desperate to see where Niall grew up. They even try and find his family members in the local supermarket.

“Fans come here every day looking for Niall’s house — they also go to Tesco looking for his dad Bobby — so it would be great to have somewhere for them to go,” the councillor added.

While the museum will highlight all the positive and interesting things about Mullingar, the singer will obviously be the main attraction. If everything goes to plan, Niall’s tribute will be open next summer.

“Niall would be the star of the show as our most famous son,” Aidan said.

“We would love to get some of his items to display there for fans, as well as interactive footage of his performances around the town.”
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Thursday, 21. November 2013