Fergie ‘singing baby ditties’

Fergie certain the songs she is writing for her infant son Axl are hits.

Fergie confesses she is only interested in writing “little ditties” for infants currently.

The 38-year-old Black Eyed Peas singer welcomed son Axl Jack with her husband Josh Duhamel on August 29.

Fergie is now using her skills as a hit musician to entertain Axl, as creating nursery rhymes appeals to her more than writing number one singles at the moment.

“The songs that are written [lately are] little ditties and Josh and I sing them to our child,” she told People magazine.

“They’re quite funny … we’re kind of like that couple on [the movie] Best In Show who sing to their pets about their pets … that’s how these songs are.”

Fergie believes her tunes are a big hit with three-month-old Axl as the musically inclined baby boy tries his best to karaoke with his parents.

“He is very responsive to the songs,” she gushed.

“He starts kicking and he’s smiling, and he tries to make noise and sing along. It’s amazing. He loves our songs!”

Fergie is currently helping to launch children’s charity campaign the Unilever Project Sunlight, which provides school meals, hygiene education and clean drinking water to over two million children.

The singing star appreciates the fact she and her family are so fortunate and is excited about every moment she spends with Axl.

“It’s such a special time,” Fergie said of volunteering for charity with Axl by her side.

“It’s all new and every discovery is a new journey.”
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Wednesday, 20. November 2013