Fergie's dream baby name

Fergie says her son’s name came to her in a dream about a musical festival.

Fergie chose her son’s name during a dream.

The Black Eyed Peas singer welcomed baby Axl, her first child with husband Josh Duhamel, into the world in August. Fergie has recalled coming up with the name while asleep and says her baby instantly reacted to her decision.

“I had this dream and I was in the audience at this festival. It was outdoors and it was all grimy and nobody knew who I was. I was just one of the fans. It was like the old days. It was so cool. And on stage singing was Jim Morrison and then came Bob Marley and then Axl Rose,” she said during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. “I mean, I was in heaven in this dream and I’m dancing and just getting into the music and then all of a sudden, boom, boom. And I wake up and it was the first time my son kicked me in the stomach and it was like he was feeling the music with me.”

Fergie couldn’t wait to share her revelation with Josh, so wasted no time in waking him up.

The hunky actor was in total agreement with her choice.

“It was amazing. I’m gonna start to cry. It was really beautiful and I woke [Josh] up and I said, ‘Honey, honey, honey, he kicked me. He finally kicked me,’” Fergie smiled as she fought back tears. “And I told him my dream and he was like, ‘Wow.’ We had already picked the middle name because my uncle, who is a very special guy, he passed away last year, Jack.

“I told the story and he was like, ‘Morrison, Marley, no, Axl Jack.’ That’s it. And it just had this ring to it.”

Fergie gave birth to Axl via Caesarean section. She will never forget the look on Josh’s face when his first child entered the world.

“It was really special… They’re pulling Axl out. I can’t feel anything. I’m all numb,” she explained. “And I see Josh and he’s going ‘Aww’ and he’s giving the faces and I’m going, ‘Wow, I’m so happy,’ this moment it’s so special, so tender… and I hear, screaming… and over the side comes Axl and he’s screaming at me crying and I went, ‘OK, the name works.’”

The 38-year-old star also spoke about getting in shape since becoming a mom. Fergie has been taking a sensible approach to exercise in a bid to regain her post-pregnancy body – and having fun too.

“I’m slowly getting back into it. I’m doing some belly dancing yoga,” she revealed. “The stretching. I’m kind of going, ‘Oh, OK, I’ve got to go slowly.’ I just don’t want to get hurt and all that, so I’m taking it step by step.”
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Wednesday, 20. November 2013